I am frequently asked very similar questions on a regular basis, this page addresses the most common of them:

How much is a session?

- this question is answered here

Where are you located?

- this question is answered here

What are your interests?

- this question is answered here

Do you see couples?

- this question is answered here

Are you available today?

- this question is answered here

Do you offer phone or video sessions?


- this question is answered here

How do I find your Nitflirt


- the underlined text above is a link

Are session tributes by cash or card?


 - I only accept cash tributes in person, though extra gifts are always welcome

I don't have Cashapp or Venmo for a deposit or for video session payment, will you accept an Amazon gift card?


- Both those platforms are easy to download & use. If you cannot manage, I will gladly accommodate for you - for 25% more

Do you offer brown?

- As this is an uncrontrolled function, it is rarely offered, and if you are lucky enough in timing there is an addition tribute of one hundred dollars

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