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A Session with Mistress Jenna Jones

Posted on The Buzz

By luckyme_xyz

Mistress Jenna Jones is strikingly beautiful with eyes that can look genuinely evil (in a good way) as she goes about her session. Our session was filled with CBT, boot worship, foot massages, foot worship, spanking and trampling. It was basically everything I’ve ever dreamt of and more. Mistress wore the most gorgeous thigh high open toe boots which always gets me as it allows you to pause and kiss the toes of your domina as a little thank you for her letting you lick her boots. Mistress has very beautiful feet and as I worked my way down her foot, I was amazed as I got to her heel, that it felt like I was massaging a pillow. It was an incredible session and toward the end of it, she had me completely in sub space willing to do anything for her. I think this became quite obvious as she mocked me for being nonsensical in my mutterings toward to the end.

And then just like that, my session was over. I cannot wait to see one the most beautiful and dominant dominatrix I’ve ever come across again! I’m still going over every second of our session in my head and I’m sure it will be this way for a long time to come.



Mistress Jenna Jones of Atlanta Dungeon

Posted on Max Fisch

By abandonme

For several days prior to Christmas I longed for a very severe beating. I was desperate. For those several days I was completely unable to sleep, thinking about how this may not happen. I would be all alone for Christmas and this was my way of feeling acceptance in this world. And just as I was about to give up all hope, I spoke with Mistress Jenna Jones of Atlanta Dungeon. My life was transformed in an instant, and forever. Mistress Jenna Jones allowed me to visit her the night before Christmas.

As I entered Atlanta Dungeon I was completely and totally speechless when I saw Mistress Jenna Jones. Her beauty is beyond comparison. She was radiant! I have never been in the presence of a supermodel before, but now I have. She is flawless in every sense of the word.

She knew exactly what I was needing from our brief conversation on the telephone earlier in the day. She was more than prepared to inflict the punishment I desperately needed. She fulfilled dreams of mine that I had not even verbalized. It was as though she had read my mind!

The session began with my completely disrobing and being ordered to take my rightful place on my knees. Mistress Jenna Jones took complete control of me from then on. I would not question anything I was ordered to do.

I mentioned to Mistress Jenna Jones how I desired to have a TENS unit placed on my scrotum, but I knew how challenging this may be because of my failure to groom myself properly. Even this she was amazingly prepared for. I quickly found myself bound to a cross and completely shaved to perfection. After my thighs were secured tightly to the cross, she began to beat my penis with a leather studded paddle until it was completely black and blue. I truly deserved this and enjoyed every minute of it.

We then moved on to what I deserved the most. A merciless beating on my buttocks. One that I was determined to not stop. I wanted to hurt like I have never hurt before. One that would hurt for many days afterwards. One that would leave me black and blue. I was secured to a spanking bench with leather restraints. Before this commenced a ratcheting metal bit was placed in my mouth. One that I have only seen used in movies but always wanted to try. How did my Mistress know I always wanted this? The connection between us was that great. The beating began. Acrylic paddles, leather paddles, wooden paddles, metal paddles, a riding crop, and different types of floggers were used with incredible precision and skill. I screamed with each blow, but my Mistress was determined to exceed my wildest dreams and expectations. And that she did! Mistress Jenna Jones is very strong and knows exactly how to use each implement absolutely perfectly.

To test the pain I would feel for days later, I was ordered to lay down on a table made of intricate ropework. I loved the pain I immediately felt. My wrists and ankles were secured to the table using leather restraints. More torture was going to happen. Having the absolutely gorgeous Mistress Jenna Jones standing next to me as I lay helpless is something I will never forget.

The TENS unit was then applied to my scrotum and the electricity began to flow. The intensity was increased until I was writhing in pain. This too was something I desired for a very long time and my Mistress seemed to know instinctively how much I wanted this. It was amazing! One of my greatest needs is to have my nipples hurt badly. Without even my saying this, Mistress Jenna Jones donned a pair a pair of gloves with metal spike and began to inflict the greatest pain I have ever felt on my nipples. This, in combination with the TENS unit and a vibrator, brought me to a place of intense joy the likes of which I had only ever heard about.

For several minutes I laid upon the table thanking Mistress Jenna Jones excessively. I did not realize how excessive this was until I was soundly slapped and ordered to stop. Even being slapped was something I hoped would happen in the future but even that was a dream fulfilled by my Mistress.

I cannot thank Mistress Jenna Jones enough for making herself available for me the day before Christmas. She truly exceeded all of my hopes and desires. To this very day, I am still in pain and still black and blue. Mistress Jenna Jones is not only absolutely ravishing; she is also very compassionate, supremely intelligent, caring, and nurturing. She is the perfect dominatrix! My only other wish is to visit her regularly for a very long time. And I will do that for as long as I am allowed too. Thank you, Mistress, for everything you did for someone so undeserving and unworthy as myself. I absolutely adore you Mistress!



An Amazing Night with Mistress Jenna Jones

Posted on Max Fisch The Hang

By Bri


i just want to start with a preface: Mistress Jenna is striking, to say the least. Tall, with piercing eyes, and a voice that will tease you deep, deep down. She is stunning, knows how to handle a whip, attentive to her subs, communicative and caring--really, if ever someone could inflict such good pain, it is Her. At the same time, She always respects my limits and treats me with genuine courtesy. i haven't ever felt that She has viewed me as anything less than a person.

Though, get strung up on the cross or tied down to the spanking bench, and all i can think of is the talent with which she strikes me. She has skill. i can't really put it better than that. She has skill that comes only with a type of unique, sadistic intelligence, and when i am at Her mercy, i can feel it with every whip lick, paddle bite, flogger--She has a variety of talents. This isn't even mentioning her taunts, which are always perfectly timed to make me feel more into the scene.

She's not always so physically sadistic, though. In honesty, simply submitting to Her is a pleasure, and i find that almost anything i would like to try, She is willing to help me explore it, be it physically sadistic, emotionally sadistic, humiliation, etc.

A few sessions with Her and a sub could feel spoiled~

i booked an overnight with Mistress Jenna last month. i've been subbing for her for a little bit now, and was pretty excited to finally have an extended session with Her. When i got to the dungeon, i instantly knew i was in for an exciting night. Mistress Jenna and Mistress UltraViolet (i had asked if another Mistress could join us for the first hour) were clad in latex, Mistress Jenna sporting a black latex dress that hugged her body perfectly. And, barring the first few moments while i got cleaned up, the night hit the ground running.

i was chained to the cross and scratched, spanked, flogged, and teased until my body was practically begging for the whips. And they certainly came, in skilled flicks and licks that lined my back. But just as i was starting to melt into it, they took me down and strapped me onto the spanking bench, where they took turns paddling me, spanking me, caning me, making sure that i worked for my fucking.

Just as my ass was on fire, they plugged me with a vibrator-attachment on a Hitachi wand and sent shockwaves through my body with every thrust. From there, Mistress Ultraviolet left, and Mistress Jenna collared me and led me by a leash down to a special room called the Isolation Room in the dungeon where She could smoke, and used me as her ashtray, leaving little singed lines down my body as she dragged her cigarette along, and little marks where She would tap the ash onto me, or press the cherry into me. It was a kind of pain that i can only describe as thrilling as it is terrifyingly intense. She was careful to make sure lit embers didn't sit too long on me, however, and of course i felt as safe as i was high on endorphins.

Afterward, She took me back to the dungeon and allowed me to lick Her new boots as She sat and stared down at my kneeling form. It was an honor for me to be the first to worship Her new boots, and She ensured that i got all the angles. Then, a moment of calm settled over at about midnight while we waited for food to arrive, and She kindly answered any questions i had, and socialized with me, in a nice serene moment in what had so far been an intense night.
Food arrived, and, as i had been before in the night, i was put in my cage with a couple of spanks, and was allowed to eat in there. Then, a nap.

Immediately after waking up, she collared me and led be back down to the isolation room where i was allowed to be Her ashtray for Her morning cigarette. Even the way She smokes makes me melt, if her silky, though somehow commanding voice and her sly mannerisms weren't enough. i was forced to inhale Her smoke as she tapped her lit cherry onto my nipple and made me yelp. She ran Her hand down my body, dusting off the new ash marks, only to leave more in their wake. i had just woken up, but already i was flooded with endorphins.

When She had had enough of Her cigarette, She took me back up to the dungeon and strapped me right back onto the spanking bench, where my poor ass was subject to paddling after paddling after caning after spanking, until i simply couldn't think coherently. And, when i was all subbed out, She took one of her dildos and rammed it in my desperate ass, fucking me, in and out, as She took full control of my body. Waves after waves of fire were shooting through me.

But She soon decided that She'd had enough of that, and rather, that She would like to use me by spreading me eagle on the latex bed in the Red Room of the dungeon and sending shocking waves of overstimulation through my fizzled brain by using her Hitachi wand in ways that turn me on as much as they make me squirm. And i was certainly squirming. She had me, as She always does, powerless and at Her mercy as She fried my already charred brain. i couldn't even feel time anymore.

Just like that, it was over. 12 hours had passed, and it was time for my shaking body and sparking brain to finally rest. Mistress Jenna took very good care of me afterwards, giving me time to regain my bearings as i got up to go.

i'll say this: even if i had amnesia, my body would remember that night forever. The sheer amount of endorphins that kicked off in my brain was overwhelming, and my body got such an amazing mixture of pain and pleasure that it's absolutely embedded in my mind. One of the best nights i've ever had.

i regret nothing. Thank You to Mistress Jenna for the lovely session! W/we have another one soon--i just couldn't wait


Mistress Ultra Violet and Mistress Jenna Jones

Posted on Max Fisch

By fls1818

I recently had the pleasure to serve and be in the presence of Mistress Ultra Violet and Mistress Jenna Jones. It was a truly epic experience that truly tested my boundaries and left me yearning to serve them both as soon as possible.


After initially setting up our session I contacted Mistress Ultra Violet with a dream I had about training me to be a video slave for her dungeon. The experience I had was even better than my dream. I was welcomed at the door by Mistress Ultra Violet whom I regularly serve and she was breathtaking as usual. On a side note I have said this before but she is simply stunning. The pictures on her website do not do her justice. I prepared for the session as instructed and we started out with some body worship. As this was happening Mistress Jenna Jones walks in the dungeon and as soon as I saw her I was blown away by her beauty. She is tall and just gorgeous and just as cruel as Mistress Ultra Violet. After Mistress UV was bored with me worshiping her perfect ass


I was placed on the St Andrews cross and both mistresses put as much weight as they possibly could on my balls. At one point they hung an 18th century iron from my balls. I can usually take quite a bit of weight hanging from my balls but this was the most I have ever had and I was in pure pain but at the same time I was in heaven. After they broke me on the cross they both took turns spanking me over their knees. They did not stop until my ass was a particular shade of red and I was sore for days afterwards.


Once they bored of this they mummified my upper body and placed me on the sex swing. They tied my balls to the top of the swing to make sure I was stretched sufficiently and then they showed me what their plans were for the rest of the session, They told me if I wanted to be a good video slave I had to be able to take whatever they wanted to give me. They showed me the biggest toys I had ever seen and told me they were going to see if I had what it takes. They put a plug in me to warm me up and then gave me the most intense strap on experience I have ever had. I was fortunate that they allowed me to worship their perfect bodies while they had their way with me and that was the only reason I lasted as long as I did. At the end of it I tried as hard as I could but I did not have what it takes to please them. Once I was broken they allowed me to cum and forced me to eat it.


It took at least 10 minutes to even recover enough to get up and shower. It was probably the best session I have ever been a part of and it left me in sub space for a few days and made it hard to function outside of their dungeon for a while. Needless to say I will be back serving them both as soon as possible.

Had a great time with Mistress Jenna Jones?

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